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Benefits for you

Enhanced Outreach

By being part of Proceed.Fit, NGOs can efficiently communicate their healthcare related initiatives and services to a targeted user base. This not only extends your reach but also amplifies your message, helping you reach those who need your assistance.

Interactive Awareness Campaigns

Utilize Proceed.Fit's interactive features to launch unique awareness campaigns. Engage users through gamified challenges and quizzes, spreading healthcare awareness in an entertaining and educational way.

Healthcare Diplomacy

NGOs on Proceed.Fit have the unique opportunity to engage in healthcare diplomacy. Collaborate with international healthcare organizations and leverage the platform's global reach to exchange knowledge and resources for worldwide betterment.

Virtual Health Camps

NGOs can organize virtual health camps where healthcare professionals on the platform provide free health check-ups, consultations, and guidance to underserved communities. It's a powerful way to bring healthcare directly to those in need, transcending geographical barriers.

Community Engagement

Engage with an active and concerned community that values healthcare and wellness. This can help in building a dedicated support base for your healthcare projects and initiatives.

Impact Tracking

Proceed.Fit offers tools to track and measure the impact of your healthcare programs, allowing you to showcase the positive changes your organization is making in the healthcare landscape.

Our services

Our services

Consultations with Health Experts

Our platform provides employees with easy access to expert doctors, nutritionists and fitness coaches. Virtual consultations offer personalized guidance, addressing health concerns and promoting overall well-being.

Affordable Health Solutions

Through Health Concierge, employees gain access to a network of hospitals, clinics, and medical services at competitive rates. We understand the importance of quality healthcare that doesn't burden your employees' pockets.

Group Insurance Plans

We offer a comprehensive range of group insurance plans tailored to your organization's needs. Our expert team will arrange the best group insurance plans that provide essential coverage for your employees ensuring their health and financial security

Fitness and Nutrition Guidance

Health Concierge focuses on holistic wellness. We offer fitness programs, online workout classes, and personalized nutrition plans to help employees stay active and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Health Challenges and Programs

Engage your employees with interactive health challenges, encouraging them to set and achieve health goals. Our platform fosters a sense of camaraderie and motivation among your workforce.

Periodic Health Camps

Our Periodic Health Camps are designed to empower your workforce by tracking their health metrics regularly. With Proceed.Fit's Periodic Health Camps, we provide personalized consultation guidance and support for your employees to stay on top of their health journey.

Our Team

About us

Welcome to ProceedFit. We are pleased to present an opportunity to the best healthcare service providers to join our platform. We are a passionate team that wants to revolutionise the healthcare experience with the use of modern technology & innovation. We are obliged to make you a part of our journey and influence the people around you. Let's together walk the path where we transform the way people experience their health, for a better today and towards glorious tomorrow.

Proceed Fit is an online healthcare marketplace that collects & processes information for different products and services and presents it in a meaningful and acceptable form on a single platform. We act as repositories of information and hence we provide an easy interface to consumers for accessing the same through our robust technology platform.

Medical healthcare service providers in the industry, providing the information through an omnichannel interface. We have successfully classified different medical products and services based on their use medical specialty as well as the brand, giving the consumers an unprecedented chance to choose from the best services and products as per their budget.

Associating with ProceedFit has its own benefits that can give an edge to both the consumers as well as the medical healthcare service providers in todays competitive market.

Health Care News

Latest News

Increased adoption of telemedicine: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many patients have turned to virtual consultations to avoid in-person visits. This trend is expected to continue and expand beyond the pandemic, with more healthcare providers offering telemedicine services.

Growth of remote patient monitoring: Wearable devices and other remote monitoring technologies are becoming more prevalent, allowing patients to track and share vital signs and other health data with healthcare providers.

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning: AI and machine learning are being used to improve healthcare delivery, such as in the development of personalized medicine, drug discovery, and medical imaging.