Menopause means stoppage of menstruation. It occurs at the age of 40-55. It is physiological process. Menopause is seen as a normal aspect of ageing and is neither a sickness nor a pathology. While some women may go through the menopause transition with no symptoms at all and no problems, others may encounter a variety of symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, mood swings, hair loss, joint pain, and weight gain. Menopause is indicated by no mentstruation by the passage of one year. Hot flushes and vaginal dryness are typical symptoms. These symptoms together can result in anxiety or depression. Treatments for menopause concentrate on the symptomatic relief. Topical lubricants or oestrogen are used to eliminate vaginal dryness. The intensity and frequency of hot flushes can be lessened with medication. Oral hormone therapy may be employed in unique situations.


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